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Being a responsible and engaged corporate citizen, Tungtex cares about the community in which we work and live. We are dedicated to act in a socially responsible way, leading the way in corporate governance, charitable giving and a commitment to the environment. Throughout the years, we support the social measures and policies by the government and the community. We are committed to conduct our business with the highest standards of business ethics and integrity in accordance with trade practices. These have become our Group's core values which are incorporated into our day-to-day business considerations.

Also, we hold the belief that a company exists to serve the society. Tungtex's employees are at the heart of our community involvement. We believe our communities are better served when our employees are engaged and actively participated in charitable activities and workplace initiatives such as waste-reduction and energy saving efforts. As a good corporate citizen, we will continue to foster a corporate environment that inspires our employees' engagement and will fully support various charitable organizations. Now, let's share some of the recent activities:

The 25th anniversary of the Establishment of the HKSAR
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